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Multi-level dynamics of inclusion/exclusion in times of crisis

ESA Research Network 32 - Political Sociology

2nd Interim Conference


Universita' Statale 

Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December 2012 

Political Participation and Beyond 




The conference will take place on Friday 30 November (whole day) and Saturday 1 December (morning session only). It will be hosted by the Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan (Italy). The Department is located in the centre of Milan (Via Conservatorio, 7) (line 1 metro station: San Babila)


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ESA (European Sociological Association) Research Network 32 – Political Sociology

List of Panels
Convenors (2011-13): 

Virginie Guiraudon (Sciences Po Paris)
Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen)

Board members (2011-13): 
Mauro Barisione (University of Milan) 
Virginie Guiraudon (Sciences Po Paris)
Dietmar Loch (University of Grenoble) 
Ov Cristian Norocel (University of Helsinki/Stockholm University) 
Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester)
Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen)
Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Conference Organizing Committee:

Mauro Barisione, Ov Cristian Norocel, Claudia Zilli

1001. Contentious politics and multilevel political mobilisations (1)
Panel Chair: Claire Dupuy (CEE, Sciences Po)
Panel Discussant: Manuela Caiani (URJC Madrid – IHS Vienna)
Doris Gödl (University of Fribourg) The role of popular power in political transformation processes
Selin Bengi Gümrükçü (University of Zurich/Izmir University of Economics) Political Participation of Students: Student Movement in Turkey, 1970-1980
Henry Rammelt (IEP Lyon/University Lumière Lyon 2) Explaining Regional Differences in Social Mobilization: Social Capital as a facilitating factor of Social Movement Activity
Rusi Jaspal & Adrian Coyle (University of Nottingham/ University of Surrey) Social representations of 'peace' and conflict: Debating the Palestinian Statehood Bid at the UN
Pascale Dufour, Laurence Bherer, Christine Rothmayr Allison (University of Montreal) Building political legitimacy – the multi-scalar nature of (mass) protest politics
1002. Contentious politics and multilevel political mobilisations (2)
Panel Chair: Flora Burchianti (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)
Panel Discussant: Manlio Cinalli (CEVIPOF, Sciences Po)
Patrice Diatta (CERAL- Paris) Diversity and inequalities in local authorities alter globalization movements. The case of the global network Forum des autorités locales de périphérie (FALP)
Oleksandr Khyzhniak (V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University) Factors of Inclusion/Exclusion of Organizations of National Minorities in the Political Arena of Ukrainian Metropolis
Luminita Miron (University of Iasi) Segregation and urban conflicts in peripheral quartiers in Romania
Alma Vardari-Kesler (Tel-Aviv University) From Experts of State-building to Contentious Citizens:               Politics Participation in Supervised Kosovo
Flora Burchianti (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Contention about unauthorized immigration and the mobilisation of identities in Catalonia and Andalusia.
1003. Contentious politics and multilevel political mobilizations (3)
Panel Chair: Manuela Caiani (URJC Madrid – IHS Vienna)
Panel Discussant: David Paternotte (Université LIbre de Bruxelles)
Paulina Sekula (Jagiellonian University Krakow) Protests against ACTA in Poland and elsewhere: youth’s political awakening?
Sebastian Kubitschko (Goldsmiths, University of London) Hacking Legitimacy
Dan Mercea & Paul Nixon (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) Unaffiliated Protest Participation: Talk-Torqueing One’s Way In
Manuela Caiani (URJC Madrid – IHS Vienna) Extreme Right Movements and Online Political Participation
1101. Electoral participation and voting behaviours (1)
Panel Chair: Florence Faucher (CEE, Sciences Po)
Panel Discussant: Richard Nadeau (University of Montreal)
Christian Borghesi (University of Cergy-Pontoise) Between order and disorder: a 'weak law' on recent electoral behavior among urban voters
Gulfem Saydan (University of Panthéon I Sorbonne) Do innovations in the communication methods alter the traditions in electoral communication in Turkey?
Florence Faucher  &  Colin Hay (CEE, Sciences Po /  University of Sheffield) Voting rituals in France and Britain
Céline Braconnier & Jean-Yves Dormagen ( Universiyt of Cergy-Pontoise /University of Montpellier) What randomized experiment can contribute to sociology of electoral participation: The case of registration in France
1102.  Electoral participation and voting behaviours (2)
Panel Chair: Jean-Yves Dormagen (University of Montpellier)
Panel Discussant: Mauro Barisione (University of Milan)
Andrei Gheorghiță (University of Sibiu) Leader Effects and Voter Characteristics in Post-Communist Polities
Richard Nadeau (University of Montreal) Patrimony and Participation
Filip Kostelka  (CEE, Sciences Po) Does Democratic Consolidation Lead to Voter Turnout Decline? Worldwide Evidence since WWII
Simon Labbé St-Vincent & Maxime Héroux-Legault (Université Libre de Bruxelles / University of Montreal) The Causes of Political Participation
Giulia Sandri  & Antonella Seddone (University of Oxford / University of Turin) Primary elections in Italy: an unavoidable trade-off between inclusiveness and electability?
1201. (New) media and political discourse analysis
Panel Chair: Gianpietro Mazzoleni (University of Milan)
Panel Discussant: Asimina Michailidou (ARENA, Oslo)
Marino De Luca & Anaïs Theviot (University of Calabria / Sciences Po Bordeaux) Activists’ deliberations and French primary on the Internet: The social network of the Socialist Party, the Coopol
Liubov Bronzino (University of Russia, Moscow) The Representation of the Economic Crisis in the Russian Media
Edoardo Novelli (University Roma 3) The role of the Italian television in the construction of the public arena. A qualitative and quantitative analysis on the popularization of political communication in Italy.
Giovanni Barbieri & Marco Mazzoni (University of Perugia) How the main newscasts have been covering Berlusconi’s exit.
1301. Representations of citizenship and issues of social recognition
Panel Chair: Paola Rebughini (University of Milan)
Panel Discussant: Sophie Duchesne (ISP, Nanterre University)
Valeria Camia & Beatrice Eugster (University of St.Gallen) How parties frame social citizenship and the inclusion of immigrants across Europe.
Gilles Verpraet (SOPHIAPOL CNRS, Nanterre) Three public spaces : Polis, nation, transnational solidarities 
Lorenza Fontana & Davide Sparti (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies / University of Siena) Marketing Ethnicity. Identity Politics and its shortcomings: the Bolivian case
Sotiria Liakaki From one to “polloi”: Policy gaps, social traps and the Greek citizenship constellation.
Pierre Monforte (University of Leicester) Social Movements’ Collective Identities in Contexts of Marginalization. The Case of the Protest Against the “Residence Obligation” in Germany
1401. Political participation and beyond (1)
Panel Chair: Tijana Prokic-Breuer (Maastricht University)
Panel Discussant: Florence Faucher (CEE, Sciences Po)
Mario Quaranta (SUM, Florence) Demonstrating during a time of crisis: An analysis on Italy
Florence Joshua  (CEE,  Sciences Po) The social production of revolt : the case of a radical left-wing French party
Maxime Héroux-Legault (University of Montreal) Regional Variations in Political Ideology in Canada.
Bognaar Adrienn (University of Pecs) Community Participation and Democracy in post-2007 Hungary
Noëlle Burgi (CRPS Sorbonne) Societies Without Citizens: The Anomic Impacts of the Social State Deconstruction in Europe
1402. Political participation and beyond (2)
Panel Chair: Roberto Biorcio (University of Milan-Bicocca)
Panel Discussant:  Colin Hay (University of Sheffield)
Roberto Falanga & Matteo Antonini (University of Coimbra / University of Rome “La Sapienza”) Behind and beyond political participation: A psychological contribution to participatory process studies
Paul Blokker (University of Trento) A Political Sociology of Constitutionalism
Giulio Moini (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) The power of discourse in political processes: participation and neoliberalization
Andrea Pirni (University of Genoa) Young people, the "non politics" and new cleavages
Monica Poletti (University of Milan) The Modernization of Participation Behaviour in Italy
1501. Public opinion processes in Europe
Panel Chair: Mauro Barisione (University of Milan)
Panel Discussant: Tim Reeskens (KU, Leuven)
Simona Guglielmi (University of Milan) Assessing cross-cultural invariance of political support in European democracies
Gergo Vaczi & Orsolya Erdelyi (Eotvos Lorand University Budapest) The emergence of a new political cleavage along the nationalism vs. cosmopolitanism value dimensions. Public talk versus public opinion
Anne-Marie T. Jeannet (University of Oxford) Immigration and Public Opinion after the 'Big Bang' European Enlargement: A Multi-level Analysis
Alexander Yendell (University of Münster) The role of citizenship and migration policy in the acceptance of Muslims in Western Europe
1601. Migrant integration and patterns of social mobility (1)
Panel Chair: Maurizio Ambrosini (University of Milan)
Panel Discussant: Ettore Recchi (University of Chieti-Pescara)
Joanna Jasiewicz (IBEI Barcelona) Highly skilled Chinese migrants in the EU: mapping the links between social and spatial mobility
Meziani Yamina (University of Bordeaux 2 / University of UvA Amsterdam) French politics face to diversity and political integration of immigrants during local elections:  “The logic behind composing teams in politics and strategic discrimination”
Camille Hamidi (University of Lyon) Political dimensions of immigrant integration: Everyday Ethnic Categorizations and The Relationship to Politics The Case of French Urban Deprived Areas
Maurizio Ambrosini & Deborah De Luca & Sonia Pozzi (University of Milan) Political participation of immigrants through trade unions: a research on the Italian experience
1602. Migrant integration and patterns of social mobility (2)
Panel Chair: Dimitry Kochenov (University of Groningen)
Panel Discussant: Bryan Fanning (UCD, Dublin)
Santiago Pérez-Nievas Montiel & Cristina Daniela Vintila (Autonomous University of Madrid /  Spanish National Research Council CSIC) Residential concentration, ethnicity, political opportunities and the representation of immigrant origin minorities in Spain
Anja Schmidt-Kleinert  (University of Bielefeld) Political Literacy and Political Integration  
György Lengyel, Lilla Tóth & Borbála Göncz  (Corvinus University of Budapest / CEE, Sciences Po) Political integration of immigrants in Hungary. A comparison between host society members and immigrants. 
Claudio di Maio (University of Calabria) Membership without citizenship. The voting right of Immigrants and social integration.
1701. Perspectives on multilevel governance
Panel Chair: Alberto Martinelli (University of Milan) 
Panel Discussant: Virginie Guiraudon (CEE, Sciences Po) 
Fani Kountouri & Nicos Souliotis (National Centre for Social Research - EKKE) The relation between supranational and the national political authorities under the IMF-EU-ECB bailout programs: the case of Greece
Claire Tollis (University of Grenoble) Into the wild, or not. Decision-making processes of visitors’ limitations into “natural areas”: a comparative study.
Kai Eriksson (University of Helsinki) Network Governance: Tensions and Open Questions
Roberto Scaramuzzino &  Håkan Johansson (Malmö Univeristy / Lunds University) Understanding and explaining strategic collective action in political groups: two theoretical approaches compared
Elena García Guitián  & Joaquim Molins (Autonomous University of Barcelona) Groups influence, multilevel governance and the discourse on citizens participation. The Spanish parliament and the property rights law (Ley Sinde)
1801. Political elites: national and local case studies
Panel Chair: Damir Softic (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Panel Discussant: Marco Maraffi (University of Milan)
Cristina Stănuș (University of Cluj-Napoca/ University of Sibiu) Rules in-use concerning citizen participation at the second tier of local government: A case study
Yassin Boughaba (University of Lausanne – University of Nantes) Modest Political Commitments. Candidates and Elected Members in a Small working class Town in Switzerland (1949-2011) 
Damir Softic  (University of Duisburg-Essen) Waiting for the German Obama? An Empirical Study on Politicians with Migration Background
Borbála Göncz, José Real-Dato & György Lengyel (CEE, Sciences Po / Universidad de Almería /Corvinus University of Budapest) The effect of what elite think. How political cueing explains preferences towards keeping policy-making on national level? 
2001. The Populist Radical Right in the Context of the Economic and Socio-Political Crisis: Comparative Perspectives and Country Studies (1) 
Panel Coordinator: Dietmar Loch (University of Grenoble)
Panel Chair: Christophe Bouillaud (IEP, Grenoble)
Panel Discussant: Aitor Hernandez Carr (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Dietmar Loch (University of Grenoble) Economic Crisis and Populist Radical Right Parties: How to Analyse European Similarities and National Differences?
Gilles Ivaldi (University of Nice) The Successful Welfare-Chauvinist Party? The Front National in the 2012 Presidential Election in France
Gerrit Voerman  (Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse Politieke Partijen) The Populist Radical Right in the Netherlands: from Islamophobia to “Welfare Chauvinism"?
Björn Fryklund  (Malmö University)
Populism and the Welfare Society’s Economic and Social Crisis: Sweden as an Anomaly in Europe?
2002. The Populist Radical Right in the Context of the Economic and Socio-Political Crisis: Comparative Perspectives and Country Studies (2)
Panel Chair: Dietmar Loch (University of Grenoble)
Panel Discussant: Gerrit Voerman (Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse Politieke Partijen)
Claudia Globisch (University of Innsbruck) Modernization and Europeanization of the Radical Right?
Christophe Bouillaud (IEP, Grenoble) Northern League (2001-2011): unable to deliver “reforms”, but able till the end to make its people dream of another Italy?  
Alessandra Arru (University of Barcelona) The Lega Nord in the Italian Socio-Economic Context
Aitor Hernandez Carr (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Spanish Populist Radical Right
2003. The Populist Radical Right in the Context of the Economic and Socio-Political Crisis: Comparative Perspectives and Country Studies (3) 
Panel Chair: Björn Fryklund (Malmö University)
Panel Discussant: Claudia Globisch (University of Innsbruck) 
Lazaros Miliopoulos  (University of Bonn) The Financial Crisis and the Rise of the Greek Extreme Right
Andrea Pirro (University of Siena) Demand and Supply of Post-Communist Issues: Insights into the Electoral Performance of Populist Radical Right Parties in Central and Eastern Europe
Sorina Soare (Université Libre de Bruxelles) Populism and democracy in the Romany case 
2101. Diffusion Processes Within Recent Waves of Protest
Panel Coordinator: Lorenzo Mosca (University Roma Tre)
Panel Chair: Eduardo Romanos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Panel Discussant: Marco Giugni (University of Geneva)
Lorenzo Mosca (University Roma Tre) Rethinking diffusion processes in the digital age
Eduardo Romanos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid From Tahrir to Puerta del Sol to Wall Street: A Comparison of Two Diffusion Processes within the New Transnational Wave of Protest
Nicole Doerr (FU Berlin – California Irvine) Democracy in Translation
2201. Democracy, Participation and Rights in Current Times
Rountable moderator: Fabio de Nardis (University of Salento)
Roundtable participants : Donatella della Porta (EUI, Florence); Virginie Guiraudon (CEE, Sciences Po); Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester) and Hans-Jӧrg Trenz  (University of  Copenhagen) 
2301. Policy Feedback and Democracy
Panel Coordinator: Claire Dupuy & Virginie van Ingelgom (University of Montreal  / Université Catholique de Louvain)
Panel Chair: Claire Dupuy or Virginie van Ingelgom (Université de Montréal  / Université Catholique de Louvain)
Panel Discussant: Paolo Graziano (Bocconi University Milan)
Sophie Duchesne (ISP, Nanterre University) Towards a more concrete imagined community: How Welfare State and public policies shape national belonging 
Virginie Guiraudon & Clémence Ledoux (CEE, Sciences Po/ University of Nantes) Policy feedbacks and invisible politics: public aid for domestic work
Florence Faucher (CEE,  Sciences Po) Parties and their members: the impact of “individualization” on membership 
Claire Dupuy &  Virginie Van Ingelgom (University of Montreal/ Université Catholique de Louvain) Feedback, Legitimacy, and Diverging Regional Paths in Belgium
2401. Non-citizen and non-resident voting: regional, national, international governance
Panel Coordinator: Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Panel Chair: Reuven Ziegler (University of Reading)
Panel Discussant: Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Derek Hutcheson (University College Dublin) Non-citizen and non-resident voting: Mapping the European space 
Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Florence) Regional citizenship, federalism and substate nation-building: Normative and empirical insights
Avinoam Cohen (Tel Aviv University) Evaluating Democracy in Decentered Immigration Governance: The Case of Bilateral Migration Agreements.
Dimitry Kochenov (Groningen Graduate School of Law) European Union, Political Participation and the People
2501. Electoral rights and political participation 
Panel Coordinator: Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Panel Chair: Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Florence)
Panel Discussant: Jean-Thomas Arrighi (EUI Florence)
Djordje Sredanovic (University of Padua) Models of representation, mobilization and turnout: the election of the Foreign Citizens’ Council of the Province of Bologna.
Cristina Daniela Vintila (Spanish National Research Council CSIC) Citizenship and political participation in the EU: empirical perspectives on the electoral rights of the EU foreigners in the Member States
Thibaut Jaulin (EUI Florence,) External voting and political change: the case of Arab countries
Reuven Ziegler (University of Reading) Citizenship, Migration and Political Participation
2601. Immigrant mobilization in Italy and Ireland: organization, citizenship, identity
Panel Coordinator: Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Panel Chair: Derek Hutcheson (UCD, Dublin)
Panel Discussant: Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Florence)
Luca Raffini and Ettore Recchi (University of Chieti-Pescara) Making European citizenship work: An empirical assessment of the role of EU movers’ NGOs in Southern European civil societies 
Matteo Bassoli & Katia Pilati (Bocconi University-Milan/University of Trento) Immigrant organizations and their networks. A diachronic perspective.
Bryan Fanning (University College Dublin) Immigration and the Politics of Irish Identity
Fidèle Mutwarasibo (Immigrant Council of Ireland) Streamlining citizenship applications in Ireland: Implications for the representation of naturalised citizens
2701. Political participation, social inequality and trust: perspectives on immigrants
Panel Coordinator: Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Panel Chair: Maarten Vink (Maastricht University)
Panel Discussant: Derek Hutcheson (UCD, Dublin), Alexander Yendell (University of Münster)
Tijana Prokic-Breuer, Maarten Vink (Maastricht University), Derek Hutcheson, Kristen Jeffers (UCD Dublin) Socialization, naturalization and immigrant political participation in Europe: testing the ‘transferability’ hypothesis
Jurate Imbrasaite (Vytautas Magnus University) Citizenship Typology in Lithuania: Political Trust and Political Participation Modes 
Tim Reeskens & Ling Zhu (University of Amsterdam / University of Houston) Justice in a Suitcase: Immigration, Ethnic Diversity, and Changing Opinions on Social Inequality
2801. Civil society organisations, associational membership and political participation (1)
Panel Coordinator: Matteo Bassoli (Bocconi University-Milan) and Roberto Biorcio (University of Milan-Bicocca)
Panel Chair: Francesca Forno (University of Bergamo)
Panel Discussant:  Emanuela Bozzini (University of Trento)
M. Bassoli (Bocconi University-Milan) The political activation of leftist youth: the case of ARCI
Mauro Migliavacca & Simone Tosi (University of Genoa / University of Milan-Bicocca) Democratic participation and voluntary associations. The case of the scout movement in Italy
Martina Carlino & Lara Monticelli (University of Brescia) Spaces of civic involvement and mutual help: the case of elderly oriented associations. A comparison between ARCI, ACLI and AUSER
2802. Civil society organisations, associational membership and political participation (2)
Panel Chair: Matteo Bassoli (Bocconi University-Milan)
Panel Discussant: Roberto Biorcio (University of Milan-Bicocca) 
Maria Grasso & Marco Giugni (University of Sheffield / University of Geneva) Trust, Skills, and Identity: Linking Associational Involvement and Political Participation
Manlio Cinalli (CEVIPOF, Sciences Po) The political participation of migrants and the unemployed in France: A comparison of relational dynamics within multi-organisational fields
Paolo  Graziano & Francesca Forno (Bocconi University, Milan/ University of Bergamo) Political consumerism and new forms of political participation: The Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale in Italy
Francesca Forno & Emanuele Polizzi (University of Bergamo / University of Milano Bicocca) The organisational models of associations in Lombardy. Internal structuring, repertoires of action and relationship with politics
2901. From Welfare States to Welfare Chauvinism under the Sign of Economic Crisis: Nationalism and Exclusionary Politics vs. Communitarian and Cosmopolitan Positions in the Nordic context (1) 
Panel Coordinator: Cristian Norocel (University of Helsinki/Stockholm University) & Susi Meret (Aalborg University)
Panel Chair: Susi Meret (Aalborg University)
Panel Discussant:  Cristian Norocel (University of Helsinki/Stockholm University)
Suvi Keskinen (University of Turku) Economic Crisis, Welfare State and Neoliberalism in the Finnish Immigration Debates
Osman Farah (Aalborg University) From clash of civilization to clash of welfare eligibility
Niko Pyrhönen (University of Helsinki) Harnessing the Welfare. Economic justification and contestation of anti-immigration advocacy within the Finnish social media.
2902. From Welfare States to Welfare Chauvinism under the Sign of Economic Crisis: Nationalism and Exclusionary Politics vs. Communitarian and Cosmopolitan Positions in the Nordic context (2) 
Panel Chair: Suvi Keskinen (University of Turku)
Panel Discussant: Susi Meret (Aalborg University)
Martin Bak Jørgensen & Trine Lund Thomsen (Aalborg University) Needed but undeserving” – The social construction of deserving and undeserving migrant groups in Denmark
Lily Lanefelt (Stockholm University) Sweden Democrats and Social Justice: the interplay between gender equality and exclusiveness of citizenship
Jørgen Goul Andersen (Aalborg University) The Economic Crisis and Support for Anti-Immigration Politics. The Danish Case
3001. A Political Sociology of European Democracy
Panel Coordinator: Paul Blokker & Emanuela Bozzini (University of Trento)
Panel Chair: Paul Blokker (University of Trento)
Panel Discussant : Takis Pappas (EUI, Florence)
Ulrike Liebert (University of Bremen) Democratising the EU from below? Citizenship, Civil Society and the Public Sphere in Making Europe’s Order
Paul Blokker (University of Trento) Grassroots democratization and European democracy
Emanuela Bozzini (University of Trento) Public participation in EU written and online consultation processes: empirical evidence and competing explanations
3101.  Men and Women of the People: Populist leaders and followers (1)
Panel Coordinator: Duncan McDonnell (EUI, Florence)
Panel Chair: Nadia Marzouki (EUI, Florence)
Panel Discussant: Gilles Ivaldi (University of Nice)
Takis S. Pappas (EUI, Florence) Extraordinary leadership and populist ascendancy: A comparative analytical framework
Duncan McDonnell (EUI, Florence) Charismatic leadership in personal and personalized parties: a comparative study of the Popolo della Libertà, the Lega Nord and the Swiss People’s Party
Ann-Cathrine Jungar (Södertörn University) Disintegrating populism? Party cohesion and discipline in the (True) Finns
3102. Men and Women of the People: Populist leaders and followers (2)
Panel Chair: Duncan McDonnell (EUI, Florence)
Panel Discussant: Gianpietro Mazzoleni (University of Milan)
Nadia Marzouki (EUI, Florence) Who won the Tea Party battle?
Giuliano Bobba (University of Turin) Antipolitical Communication as a key electoral tool: The complementary strategies of Beppe Grillo and his followers from V-Day to institutional office
Susi Meret (Aalborg University) Female charismatic leadership and the question of gender: comparing The Danish People’s Party, the Progress Party and the Front National
3201. Civil society and new modes of EU political participation
Panel Coordinator: Justin Greenwood (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)
Panel Chair: Justin Greenwood (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)
Panel Discussant: Alison Wodward (European Studies Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Luis Bouza García (National Institute for Public Administration, Madrid) A decade of debate
on participatory democracy in the European Union
Pauline Cullen (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) The European Social Platform: Strategic Coalition or Social Movement Organizational Community?
Jayeon Lee & Hakan Johansson(Lund
University/Växjö University) Challengers to the crisis: Civil Society Organizations’ aims, strategies and activities to revitalize the EU ‘social dimension’
Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester) Antiracism in a time of crisis
Justin Greenwood (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) The European Citizens' Initiative: an agent for new patterns of EU political mobilization
3202. Anti-discrimination groups: mobilizations at EU Level
Panel Coordinator: Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester) & Alison E. Woodward (European Studies Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Panel Chair: Alison E. Woodward (European Studies Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Panel Discussant: Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester)
Virginie Guiraudon (CEE, Sciences Po) EU ‘civil society’ and equality policy: expert mobilization and its determinants
Ronald Holzhacker (University of Groningen) New modes of governance for equality and non-discrimination in Europe: enhanced learning across states and civil society engagement
Pauline Cullen & Alison E. Woodward (National University of Ireland/European Studies Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Address unknown?  New European institutions, soft law and the equality hierarchy and their impact on mobilization for gender equality 
David Paternotte (Université LIbre de Bruxelles) Studying Ilga-Europe as an attempt to define European antidiscrimination organizations
Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester) The role of anti-discrimination civil society networks at EU level: comparing political opportunities in different policy sectors. 
3301. European Political Sociology: a new research agenda
Panel Coordinator: Virginie Guiraudon (CEE, Sciences Po), Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester) & Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen)
Panel Chair: Virginie Guiraudon (CEE, Sciences Po)
Panel Discussant: Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester)
Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen) European political sociology: genuine or comparative?
Mauro Barisione (University of Milan) European public attitudes and opinion: towards a new research framework
Dietmar Loch (University of Grenoble) New Cleavages and Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe
Cristian Norocel (University of Helsinki/Stockholm University) Mighty Men Defending Their Families: Gendered Conceptual Metaphors and Leadership in the Radical Right Populist Ideologies across Europe
3401. Political and financial crises. Social media and political engagement
Panel Coordinator: Asimina Michailidou (ARENA, Oslo) & Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen)
Panel Chair: Asimina Michailidou (ARENA, Oslo)
Panel Discussant:  Dan Mercea (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)
Andrea Calderaro (EUI, Florence) Internet and International Politics contextualizing the use of ICTs to practice civic engagement
Asimina Michailidou (ARENA, University of Oslo) Online Euroscepticism: Mobilising EU resistance through the Internet
Hans-Jörg Trenz  (University of Copenhagen) Moving along the abyss: Populism in times of crisis
Jasmin Siri (Ludwig‐Maximilians‐University, Munich) Crisis – What Crisis? Political Parties and the Emergence of the New Political Self in Social Media
3501. Political arenas and mini publics / Participation and deliberation in mini publics:
Moving beyond the assessment of outputs
Panel Coordinator: Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen) and Irena Fiket (University of Bologna)
Panel Chair: Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen)
Panel Discussant: Ulrike Liebert (University of Bremen)
Giampiero Lupo (University of Bologna) Two different Worlds: Political Arenas and Deliberative Mini Publics. The study of Two Citizen Juries.
André Bächtiger, Irena Fiket, Marlène Gerber, Marco Steenbergen, Jürg Steiner Linking the exchange of opinions to opinion change: Does deliberative quality drive attitude change
Luigi Pellizzoni (University of Trieste) Sloping down? Assessing the new critique of public deliberation
Chiara Zanetti (University of Trieste) The dual role of expertise in deliberative arenas
Gianfranco Pomatto (University of Turin) Evaluating the substantive quality of deliberation. 


Conference Venue and Organisation

The conference will take place on Friday 30 November (whole day) and Saturday 1 December (morning session only). It will be hosted by the Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan (Italy). The Department is located in the centre of Milan.  

To encourage participation by a broad range of early career researchers and experienced academics, there is no registration fee.

To register, please write to with the following information: name, position, affiliation with postal address, country, email address and dietary preferences.

Abstracts Submission

Both panel proposals and individual paper proposals are encouraged.

For panel proposals please submit a short description of the theme of the panel and at least three individual paper abstracts.

The deadline for panel and paper proposals has been extended to Tuesday 15 May.

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