European Political Sociology

Section of the European Sociological Association

Interim Conferences - Lille 2010

Citizenship and Democracy: Membership, forms of participation, within and across European territories


Our first interim conference took place in Lille in November 2010 and was very successful.
Here is a list of the research streams we included:

1) Territories and practiced citizenship from the local level to the transnational Euro-context: local democracy, urban segregation and citizenship; citizenship and the nation-state; supranational and transnational forms of citizenship, etc.)

2) New forms of participative democracy and transformations of representative democracy: associations, interest groups, political networks, participation in the digital public sphere; political parties and the transformation of political cleavages in a European/global context, protest parties, electoral volatility and voting behavior, etc.

3) Migrants and citizenship in Europe: urban segregation and different spheres of citizenship for migrants; representation of migrants in national party systems; (dissociation of) citizenship and nationality, citizenship and the crisis of national integration models; transnational mobilization and citizenship.

4) Populism in Europe: populism, nationalism, euroscepticism, radical right parties in the new cleavage structure of national party systems, the electorate of radical right parties.

The conference was hosted by the CERAPS, Lille Center for Politics.
All board members wish to express their heartfelt thanks to the director of CERAPS, the local organizers and all the colleagues and friends who helped to ensure the success of this event.