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The next business meeting will be held during the 2018 ESA Interim Conference in Prague.

Our third business meeting took place in Torino, Italy on 29 August, 2013, during the ESA general conference.  Below are the minutes.


Minutes of the Business Meeting


Torino, 29 August, 2013



Chairs Virginie Guiraudon and Hans-Jörg Trenz – open the business meeting.
Order of the meeting
1. Overview of the RN32 development and potential to grow.
2. Election of the RN32 board.
3. Agenda.
4. Next RN32 midterm conference (where, how, possible title).
5. Report on the latest development within ESA. 
6. Short report on the Palgrave Political Sociology series.
7. Miscellanea. 
1-3 Development, board elections, agenda
- The existing RN32 board continues its mandate with the same divided competences, to make sure that there is need for continuity the RN32, which is relatively young. All board members confirmed for a new mandate (Virginie Guiraudon; Hans-Jörg Trenz; Carlo Ruzza; Mauro Barisione; Dietmar Loch; Maarten Vink, Ov Cristian Norocel).
- The board to expand, adding new energy, competency and expertise areas. It also addresses the previous gender imbalance in the board.
- Candidates (in order of presentation)
Tatjana Sekulic (F) (University Milan-Bicocca): citizenship
David Paternotte (M) (Université libre de Bruxelles): gender & sexuality
Virginie Van Ingelgom (F) (Université catholique de Louvain): citizenship, sociology of European integration, legitimacy. 
Fabio de Nardis (M) (University of Salento): Participazione e conflitto (Participation & Conflict) (editor – 2014, no accepts publications in English and can be opened to our group
Alison E. Woodward (F) (Vrije Universiteit, Bruxelles) 
Riikka Perälä (F) (University of Helsinki): vulnerable groups, part of the political sociology group at HY/HU; theoretical approaches
Paul Blokker (M) (University of Trento): social-legal studies, constitutional theory, sociology of European integration
- Hans-Jörg Trenz – commented on the need of an extended board for the time being, underlining the need for a clearer statute that needs to be drafted and submitted to vote at the coming ESA conference in Prague 2015 (the need for clearer statutes is encouraged)
- Carlo Ruzza – if the board too large the risk is that it becomes difficult to coordinate; the suggestion is to limit the length of possible mandates (Carlo Ruzza & Hans-Jörg Trenz – representatives of the RN32 in relationship with Palgrave; after leaving the board they could become associated board members); an enlarged board: addressing the gender and geographical imbalance.
- Hans-Jörg Trenz – board shall only be confirmed for 2 years, then the new statutes will come into force; at the next ESA Conference (Prague 2015) all board members to hand in their mandate and stand for normal elections as decided by the new statute.
- The new RN32 board: 14 members.
- Election of new co-chairs: Hans-Jörg Trenz re-elected to continue as chair; Virginie Guiraudon steps down as co-chair; Virginie Van Ingelgom as new candidate – elected.
4. Midterm conference proposals 
- Riika Perälä – University of Helsinki connected to local Political Sociology research group (Pekka Sulkunen) (5000€/conference; secretary; skills) (Finland).
- Hans-Jörg Trenz – Centre for Modern European Studies at University of Copenhagen (Denmark).
- Virginie Van Ingelgom, David Paternotte & Alison E. Woodward – one future midterm conference in Brussels (Flemish – French, long term future venue) (Belgium).
- Dietmar Loch – University of Grenoble (long term future venue) (France).
- Hans-Jörg Trenz – established the deadline for proposals (end of October 2013); proposal should discuss the following: co-funding, feasibility, facilities, costs, topic, preliminary budget, preliminary dates.
- Mauro Barisione (previous midterm conference, Italy) – commented that a general conference budget to be considered 5000€ + 1000€. 
- Ov Cristian Norocel – raised the issue of a RN treasurer (midterm conference fees), not yet decided.
5. ESA Statutes
- Hans-Jörg Trenz – new ESA statute (autonomy of the RN in relation to the executive committee, gender imbalance).
6. Book series
- Carlo Ruzza – presentation of Palgrave series on Political Sociology: 8 new accepted (4 in production; 4 coming); political theory, political parties, nationalism studies.
7. Miscellanea 
- Paul Blokker –will cooperate with Carlo Ruzza in updating the RN32 website
- Statutes committee: Alison Woodward; Dietmar Loch; Ov Cristian Norocel. Will draft a statute to be discussed among the present board and presented to the members at our next business meeting. The aim is that the statute should be passed in autumn 2014 to come into effect at the next ESA general conference when the board is re-elected  
Meeting closed.
Minutes taken: Ov Cristian Norocel
Minutes reviewed: Hans-Jörg Trenz
Our second business meeting took place in Lille on 4 November 2010 after the first interim conference.  Here are the minutes

Minutes of the Business Meeting


Lille, 4 November 2010


This short business meeting was the second one after Lisbon.

The ESA RN 32 Political Sociology should be more institutionalized, within ESA and in cooperation with the corresponding ECPR (Niilo Kauppi) and IPSA sections and standing groups working on topics concerning Political Sociology.

The following tasks have to be done:

1) We should think about the futur research areas that we have to choose in the next business meeting in Geneva.


2) Our website should be used more often as it offers many possibilities (call for papers, direct applications, list of members, newsletter, place for discussions, etc.)


3) A report of the midterm conference in Lille has to be written for the ESA (activities, funding, etc.).


4) We need a new newsletter. It should include, among other information, the report of the midterm conference in Lille and the call for papers for the next ESA Conference in Geneva. We should make this call as soon as possible.


5) It would be useful to have a member list with a proper list of addresses which we could put on the website.


6) We have to divide labour for the preparation of the sessions in Geneva (Who leads which sessions, etc.?).


7) We can keep the board as it is. But we should elaborate rules of the board. We should also have a status for the research network.


8) Which are the issues and proposals for the next midterm conference? Where will it take place (Milan, Copenhague, etc.)?


To prepare the sessions of Geneva, the existing topics should be maintained:


Citizenship; populism; migration; political levels of representation, participation and mobilization; online media, etc.


New research topics of the RN32 as

- elites studies / political leadership

- new media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

- gender and sexuality

could already be integrated into the sessions of Geneva.



Our first business meeting took place in Lisbon on 4 September 2009 at the general ESA conference. Here are the minutes:

European Sociological association (ESA) Ninth Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. 2- 5 September 2009

Minutes of the RN32 Political Sociology Research Network of ESA.

3 September 2009

The new ESA Political Sociology research network has been approved at the ESA Executive Committee meeting of 23- 24 October 2008. The first business of the newly founded research network (RN) is chaired by Carlo Ruzza (Department of Sociology, University of Leicester). He starts by explaining some of the background to the creation of the new RN before listing the agenda of the meeting and the tasks that lie ahead.

In his view, although there are some networks that cover themes of political sociology (e.g. social movements, migration, social policy), ESA did not have a home for political sociologists up to the point. The RN Political Sociology is thus the place where one’s work can be debated and recognized as such.

Carlo Ruzza then states that the board should perform the following tasks:

·         Organizing the panels of the biannual conference. The next one will take place in Geneva . Each board member will be expected to organize a panel/session.

·         Organizing mid-term conference on a specific theme (ESA pitches in ¤1500)

·         Setting up a web site with the space provided by ESA

·         Editing a newsletter which will be a way of debating political sociology but also of constituting a network.

They are several criteria to be on the board. The board should represent the variety of approaches and themes of research in the field as well as respect gender and geographical balance.

A doctoral student asks whether there could be a student member on the board to help socialize junior members into the profession. Carlo Ruzza answers that in fact someone has already brought up that issue before the meeting and volunteered.

The assembly then proceeds to vote for a convenor and co-convenor . Carlo Ruzza and Virginie Guiraudon (CNRS, University of Lille 2), who have volunteered are unanimously elected.

The floor is open for suggestions and people intervene, mainly to ask questions and to volunteer for the board.

Some points are clarified. Board members should be members of ESA. There will be exchanges with the newly founded Political Sociology section of the ECPR.

Issues that are brought include the issue of the perimeter of the RN. Carlo Ruzza states that this will be debated during a round-table discussion the next day and is right now an open question.

The following volunteers are elected to the board

Carlo Ruzza (University of Leicester) (Convenor)

Virginie Guiraudon (CNRS, University of Lille 2) (co-Convenor)

·         Mauro Barisione (Social and Political Studies Department, University of Milan)

·         Hans-Georg Trenz (ARENA, Oslo)

·         Monika Kwiecinska (Institute of Sociology, Torun University)

·          Dietmar Loch (Sociology Department, University of Grenoble)

·         Thomas Boje (Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University)

Ov Cristian Norocel (Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki) (Student representative)
For further inquiries please contact (replace (at) with @):

Carlo Ruzza (carlo.ruzza(at) and Cristian Norocel (cristian.norocel(at) for the content of the present web site.
Hans-Jörg Trenz (h.j.trenz(at) and Mauro Barisione (mauro.barisione(at) for the newsletter.
Virginie Guiraudon (virginie.guiraudon(at) and Dietmar Loch (Dietmar.Loch(at) for all information
regarding the mid-term conference.