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Research Network 32 

Political Sociology  

Board Members

Ov Cristian Norocel (Convener)

(Department of Political and Economic Studies

University of Helsinki

Research Interests: radical right populist parties and leadership; immigration and ethnic relations; political communication; discourse and conceptual metaphors; identity and gender issues; critical studies on men and masculinities; citizenship and queer issues; comparative approaches.


Mauro Barisione

Social and Political Studies Department

University of Milan

Research Interests: Elections and Voting, Political Participation, Public Opinion, Media and Democracy, Research Methods, Comparative Politics


Paul Blokker

Institute of Sociological Studies,Charles University, Prague

Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Sociology

Research Interests: constitutionalism(-s), constitutional discourses, constitutional design and politics, participation and civic engagement, dissent and critique, Central and Eastern European, political sociology of European integration, political, social and legal theory.


Virginie Van Ingelgom

Institut de sciences politiques Louvain-Europe (ISPOLE)

Université catholique de Louvain

Research Interests: citizenship, sociology of European integration, legitimacy, elections.


Dietmar Loch

Sociology Department

University of Grenoble

Research Interests: populism and radical right-wing parties, immigration and ethnic relations, urban segregation and integration, sociological theory, comparative approaches

Maria Cristina Marchetti

Associate Professor of Political Sociology

Department of Political Science 

Sapienza, University of Rome

Fabio de Nardis

Associate professor of Political Sociology

Department of History, Society and Human Studies

University of Salento

Editor of The Open Journal of Socio-political Studies “Partecipazione e conflitto” (Participation and conflict)

Research Interests: Comparative Sociology, Democratization, Globalization, International Politics, Italian Political System, Social Movements, Political Cultures, Political Parties, Political Violence, Social and Political Theory.


David Paternotte


Institut de Sociologie

Université libre de Bruxelles

Research Interests: gender, sexuality


Tatjana Sekulic

Department of Sociology

University Milan-Bicocca

Research Interests: Europe/Europes - European integrations in polycentric perspective; new wars and contemporary conflicts, crimes of war and genocide studies; democratic transition of post-totalitarian regimes and new forms of totalitarianism; higher education structural and institutional transformation.


Alison E. Woodward

Vrije Universiteit, Bruxelles

Research Interests: comparative European Union public policy and organization, especially in the areas of civil society transnational mobilization, gender, migration, and equality.


Honorary Members of the Research Network

Virginie Guiraudon

University of Lille

Research Interests: European integration, immigration and multicultural politics, transnational collective action, citizenship, comparative approaches


Carlo Ruzza

University of Trento       

Research Interests: Public Interest Associations at EU level; Populism and the Right; Social movements and political representation; Active citizenship; Political ideologies.


Hans-Jörg Trenz

Centre for Modern European Studies

University of Copenhagen           

Research Interests: political communication, media, public sphere, civil society, collective identity, political theory, democracy