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European Political Sociology

Welcome to the website 
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Research Network 32 
Political Sociology  

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European Sociological Association

The ESA Political Sociology research network is a site for debate on the ongoing transformation of political order and authority in Europe and beyond. 
  • We organise conferences and workshops both in the context of the activities of the European Sociological Association (ESA) and independently. In the context of the ESA we are the Research Network 32 and we organize panels at the biannual general conference of ESA (the last general conference took place in Turin, Italy, in August 2013, the upcoming general conference will take place in Prague, August 2015) and interim conferences (the first one took place in Lille in November 2010, the second in Milan in November 2012, and the third one in Copenhagen in November 2014).
  • We seek to support the research and publishing activities of our members.
  • We aim at providing a space for academic discussion and information on political sociology in Europe.
  • We endeavour to link our association to other political sociology associations.
This website is a tool to connect political sociologists throughout Europe and to link their national sociological and political science associations.

Opening session, interim conference 
in Copenhagen November 2014.